About us

What is ‘Unknown Projects’?
Unknown Projects was founded by a group of Japanese Tokusatsu fans in 2019. Much like any dedicated fan of the Tokusatsu series, this group of fanatics believed that they could go a step further and recreate the grandeur of Kamen Riders into a statue and share with fans around the world!

What is a Tokusatsu?
“Tokusatsu Series” is a Japanese term for a T.V drama or a live-action movie that makes heavy use of special effects. Tokusatsu entertainment often comes under the genres of science fiction, fantasy or horror.

Kamen Rider Series
The Tokusatsu Series - Kamen Rider is separated into two eras: Showa Era and Heisei Era. This popular series began in 1971 and included more than 25 series under Masked Rider/Kamen Rider; which in turn laid down a foundation of various new adaptions and growth for the Tokusatsu Genre.

Unknown Projects’s prime aim is to recreate all the Riders into high crafted resin statue that can be collected and will most definitely be admired by the likes of your fellow fans and family!

Mission of Unknown Projects

The major goal of Unknown Projects is to ensure that fans and collectors, alike, can enjoy the

statuettes the way they have thoroughly enjoyed the series.

Best wishes to you and we hope you have a great time!