Terms and Conditions


All users of this website agree that access to and use of this site is subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you are not willing to be restricted by these Terms and Conditions, you should not browse, obtain information, use, enrol for or buy commodities from the Site.


1. General Provision

This website are owned by Unknown Projects PLT. We are providing you with access to this Site and our online store subject to the following terms and conditions. By browsing, obtaining information, using, enrolling for or buying commodities on this Site or otherwise using our Services, you are agreeing to all of the following terms and conditions, including any policies referred to herein. So, please read these Terms carefully. We retain the entitlement to change this Site and these Terms at any time. These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Unknown Projects PLT and you, the website user ("you", "your", "user", "customer"), with respect to your use of this website (www.unknown-projects.com). The website user is defined as a member, product purchaser or the person who will search, browse or make use of images, texts, designs, logos, video files, programs, ideas, information, etc. You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old or visiting this Site under the supervision of a parent orguardian.


2. Membership

It will be assumed that the reader had accepted and acknowledged all the terms and conditions enlisted during the time of registration without the need for any handwritten signature. Breach of terms and regulation or perversion, the Member's account may be suspended without former notice. We will not be accountable for any direct or indirect loss and damage for any account suspension. For purchasing a product you first need to register as a member. The membership shall not be sold to or shared with any third parties. We will not be accountable for any loss and damage caused because of incorrect information provided by the Member, especially email and shipping address.


3. Sales of Products

All Products made available for order and pre-order on the Website are those present on the the Website and are subject to availability. There is a detailed summary of the main characteristics available of all the products on sale on the Website. Images and information of products are for and by reference only and actual product may vary from the corresponding image and description exhibited. The Website disclaims any liabilities arising out of any discrepancies to this end. The Website hereby disclaims any guarantees of exactness as to the finish and appearance of the final Product as ordered by you. Alterations to certain aspects of your order such as the merchandise brand, size, colour etc. may be required due to limitations caused by the availability of product differentiation in size charts of respective brands etc. Products are subject to the approval and validation of the holders of the intellectual property before the Company starts to produce the product. For quality purpose, we may modify the characteristics of our products and due to this the product may be subjected to modifications depending on the stages involved in its production, which may result in delay of the estimated shipping dates. If member misconducts or acts improperly in regard to the use of service then We have the rights to terminate the sales contract with the member or take other suitable measures.


4. Order & Payment

The currency used in this website is the US Dollar. The payment of the products will separate into two modes which are Pre-order deposit and Final payment. For pre-ordering you need to make a deposit for reservation. The balance due after the pre-order is ready along with the shipment fees will be charged during the final payment. Pre-order is marked for products that are not yet made. The pre-order deposit is subject to forfeit if customers do not make the final payment within 30 days upon the receiving final payment notification. We support payment through Stripe only.


5. Shipping and Delivery

The Website will notify the customer about the final payment when the product is ready to ship via email or social media, etc. We will dispatch the product within 3 weeks upon obtaining the complete payment and shipping fee. The estimated duration for delivery of products to the customer, after shipment (via Air Express), is within 14-working days (excluding custom clearance); (via Sea Frieght) is within 30-working days. The shipping charge does not include the duties, taxes and fees and the customer will have to pay for those duties, taxes and fees in case of overseas shipping. If the customer objects the invoice of the delivered goods due to reasons such as above mentioned duties, taxes and fees then We shall impose the expense of transportation and return of the commodities. In addition, we shall also not be accountable for setbacks due to customs delays and customs procedures. We will not be responsible for loss or damage to the product due to weather-related damage, shipment delay, etc. We will not be liable for accident or loss due to inaccurate shipping information provided and the customer would be responsible for all the shipping charges due to unreliable shipping information provided. Import duties, Value Added Taxes/Goods and Services Tax (VAT/GST), Customs fees, etc. may be inflicted depending on the laws and ordinances of the destination nation. We will not make misleading assertions that are different from the original transaction amount mentioned on our receipts.


6. Cancellation

Cancellation will only be approved if it is made before the product is ready to be shipped. However, the deposit payment for Pre-order is strictly non-refundable, transferable or usable in exchange for other products. 


7. Return or Exchange Policy

There is no return policy. All the products marketed are strictly non-refundable or interchangeable for other products. We incorporate 14 days of warranty on the sold products. The delivered product may be replaced if there is any defect or initial malfunction caused during the production and only return shipping fees for the exchange parts/product shall be
comprised by us, under the following conditions:

- If the product is not fit or cannot be displayed properly due to noticeable cracks, chips, paint scratches, missing bits or pieces due to a flaw in the product or initial malfunction caused during production including structural instability.

- Serious defects do not include slight differences or trivial flaws, or a flaw which is
shrouded in overall appearances.

We shall conclude any defects or initial breakdown of the goods at its discretion. If the consumer of the commodities wishes to return the goods due to his/her concerns, he/she shall undergo damage fees and round-trip shipping fees for return of the goods. We may charge for the restoration cost according to the status of the returned goods after the warranty period. We only manage the after-sales service for the customer who directly buys from the Company’s website. The customer is expected to send an email with the supporting pictures if they have any issues with the product within 14 days of receiving the product, and after 14 days no exchange shall be considered. The purpose of the original package (dressing box) and carton box which comes along with the actual product is to protect the goods from any exterior damage and hence, is not covered under the warranty. Customer may raise a service ticket by contacting our page via email (customer@unknown-projects.com) or Contact Us page for any after sales services.


8. Personal Data Protection

If your personal data is required to process a request on this website, your active participation will be required. You will only be asked to enter the data that is required in each specific case. The disclosure of this data is voluntary. We will handle this data confidentially and will only use them as permitted by data protection legislation, and for the purpose for which it was requested. Third parties are prohibited to send unsolicited information to mailing addresses, phone or fax numbers or e-mail addresses entered by the Customer on the Company Website. We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone violating this prohibition by sending so-called spam.