Classic Signature Arte Series: Masked Rider Amazon

Unknown Projects proudly presents to you the next ¼ Classic Signature Arte (CSA) Series: Masked Rider Amazon. The statue features two ¼ live scale models of Masked Rider Amazon with his battle motorcycle, Jungler. CSA Series is inspired by the Showa Era series of the Masked Rider with their classic & signature posture. Blending art and capturing the iconic poses, we see the standard form of Masked Rider Amazon and Jungler.

About Masked Rider Amazon
In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, tragedy strikes as a plane crashes, leaving young Daisuke Yamamoto stranded amidst the wilderness, separated from his parents. Embraced by an Incan tribe, Daisuke, now known as Amazon, adapts to the ways of the wild, learning to survive off the land. Yet, this serene existence is shattered when Golgos, a fearsome being named Jyumenki, launches a brutal attack on his tribe, leaving Amazon as the sole survivor. Golgos relentlessly hunts for the legendary "GiGi Armlet," a source of incredible power.

Elder Bago, the last remaining Incan, entrusts Amazon with the GiGi Armlet to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. Bago's knowledge of ancient Incan science and magic guides him to bestow a mystical transformation upon Daisuke, turning him into the formidable "Masked Rider Amazon" before passing away. Venturing to Japan, Amazon finds himself confronted by Gedon and the enigmatic motives driving their pursuit. As Amazon forges connections with Professor Kousaka's niece and nephew, he uncovers the truth behind the GiGi Armlet's significance. Armed with newfound understanding, Amazon battles Gedon and the menacing Garander Empire, embarking on a quest that holds the fate of worlds in balance.

SKU: CSA-005
Price: $849.00
Pre-order: $300.00

Product Specification:

- Size approximately H65cm*W67cm*D54cm at 1:4 Scale

- Light up features at Masked Rider Amazon’s Eye and Jungler’s Eye

- Material: Polystone, PU, Diecast etc

- Estimated release on Q3 of 2024

- Edition Size: 188 pieces


Designed & developed by Unknown Projects team



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