Classic Signature Arte Series: Masked Rider Black

Unknown Projects proudly presents to you our first ¼ Classic Signature Arte (CSA) Series: Masked Rider Black. The statue features two ¼ live scale models of Masked Rider Black with his living motorcycle, Battle Hopper. CSA Series is inspired by the Showa Era series of the Masked Rider with their classic & signature posture. Blending art and capturing the iconic poses, we see the standard form of Masked Rider Black and Battle Hopper.


About Masked Rider Black

Kotaro Minami, an orphan who was born during the eclipse was adopted by Soichiro Akizuki’s family. Nobuhiko Akizuki is the son of Soichiro Akizuki who was also born during the eclipse. Kotaro and Nobuhiko essentially growing up togetherand forming something of a sibling relationship. On the night of their 19th birthday party, Kotaro and Nobuhiko were kidnapped by a criminal cult group, Gorgom, to implant the Kingstone in order to validate them as the candidates to succeed Gorgom Creation King. As a candidate of the Creation King successor, they are required to fight in each other and whoever wins will become the next Creation King. During the final stage of cyborg surgery, Kotaro managed to get help from Battle Hopper and escaped before getting brainwashed. Later in the series, Kotaro evolved as Masked Rider Black (Black Sun) and protecting the country from Gorgom.

SKU: CSA-001
Price: $799.00
Pre-order: $300.00

Product Specification:-

- Size approximately H51.5cm*W54cm*D50.5cm at 1:4 Scale

- Material: Polystone, PU, Diecast etc

- Interchangeable Parts:-

a) Logo Plate and Henshin belt with light up feature

- Light up features at Masked Rider Black’s eye & Henshin belt and Battle Hopper’s Eye 

- Estimated release on Q3 of 2021

- Limited Edition of 280 pieces 


Designed & developed by Unknown Projects team



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- The images above are a prototype and should be only used as a reference.

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