Classic Signature Arte Series: Masked Rider X

Unknown Projects proudly presents to you the next ¼ Classic Signature Arte (CSA) Series: Masked Rider X. The statue features two ¼ live scale models of Masked Rider X with his battle motorcycle, Cruiser. CSA Series is inspired by the Showa Era series of the Masked Rider with their classic & signature posture. Blending art and capturing the iconic poses, we see the standard form of Masked Rider X and Cruiser. 

About Masked Rider X
Keisuke Jin is the son of the robotics scientist Keitarō Jin, whose technology attracted the attention of the evil organization Government of Darkness (G.O.D). Keisuke underwent rigorous training from his father since childhood, excelling in judo, kendo, and swimming. However, their peaceful life took a dark turn when G.O.D. attacked, seeking to exploit Keitaro's technology.

During the assault, both Keisuke and his father sustained mortal injuries from repeated gunfire by G.O.D. combat agents, leaving them on the brink of death. To save his son, Keitaro performed cyborg reconstruction surgery, transforming Keisuke into a "Kaizorg," a cyborg designed for undersea exploration. As a result, Keisuke became X-Rider or Masked Rider X, with enhanced abilities that allowed him to survive and combat threats.

Motivated by the desire to avenge his father's death and protect the world from G.O.D., Keisuke embraced his role as Masked Rider X, engaging in battles against the nefarious organization.

SKU: CSA-007
Price: $899.00
Pre-order: $300.00

Product Specification:

- Size approximately H61cm*W54cm*D56cm at 1:4 Scale

- Light up features at Masked Rider X’s Eye 

- Material: Polystone, PU, Diecast etc

- Estimated release on Q1 of 2025 

- Edition Size: 60 pieces


Designed & developed by Unknown Projects team



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