Classic Signature Arte Series: RX Biorider

Unknown Projects proudly presents to you our next ¼ Classic Signature Arte (CSA) Series: RX Biorider. The statue features two ¼ live scale models of Biorider with his battle motorcycle, Macjabber. CSA Series is inspired by the Showa Era series of the Masked Rider with their classic & signature posture. Blending art and capturing the iconic poses, we see the standard form of Biorider and Macjabber.

About RX Biorider
Kotaro Minami, an orphan who was born during the eclipse. In the Masked Rider Black series, Kotaro being implanted with the Kingstone by a criminal cult group - Gorgom, in order to validate them as the candidates to succeed Gorgom Creation King. Kotaro successfully evolved as Masked Rider Black(Black Sun) and protected the country from Gorgom. After Gorgom was defeated by Kotaro, Kotaro worked as a helicopter pilot in a business owned by the Sahara family, a family who gave him a new home and life. In the later series, Kotaro is captured by the Crisis Empire, a group of aliens who attempt to invade earth. Crisis Empire invites Kotaro to join them. When Kotaro refused, the Crisis Empire destroyed his Kingstone and left him in the space and floated aimlessly. In the space, the sun's radiation alters Kotaro’s  Kingstone. He gained his new power and evolved as Kamen Rider Black RX. In the later series, Black RX gains a new power known as RX Biorider when he finds himself trapped deep underground, surrounded by traps. Water was the only thing that could trickle in from the depths through a narrow crevice. His anger grew as he realized he couldn't escape to rescue his friends and transformed into Biorider to break free from the underground. With all his new powers, he protects the Earth from the Crisis Empire’s irruption.

SKU: CSA-006
Price: $885.00
Pre-order: $300.00

Product Specification:

- Size approximately H50cm*W56cm*D58.5cm at 1:4 Scale

- Light up features at Biorider’s Eye & Henshin Belt

- Material: Polystone, PU, Diecast etc

- Estimated release on Q4 of 2024

- Edition Size 122 pieces 


Designed & developed by Unknown Projects team



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