Kamen Rider Knight

"Just as you found something to believe in at the end, I have what I believe in, as well..." The resolve Knight made with himself before his last battle against Odin, will forever be a remarkable scene from the whole series!

The one who determines himself to win for others, is always the one who shall take the last stand! Unknown Projects proudly presents you, our second production in an exclusive opening line of models! Kamen Rider Knight & his Mirror Monster – Darkwing.

The model features two 1:5 live Scale models of Kamen Rider Knight and his contract monster Darkwing. The statuette is inspired by the classic form of Rider Knight and Darkwing.

Kamen Rider Knight uses Dark Visor rapier as both, a weapon and to execute his Vent abilities. The melee- combat based Rider and his Darkwing form an inseparable addition to your collection!

SKU: KMR-002
Delivery date: Quarter 3 of 2020
Price: $635.00
Pre-order: $200.00

About the Character

Ren Akiyama is seen as a cold loner right from the time he is introduced in the story. The sole reason he accepted Kanzaki’s offer to join the Rider Wars, was to give his fiancée a full recovery from a mysterious coma. After accepting the Advent Cards, Akiyama formed a pact with Darkwing- the one who put his fiancée in coma, in the first place.

Initially, the sense of rivalry between Akiyama and Shinji grew a lot; however, he realised Shinji’s kindness and seemed to soften up his attitude and accept Shinji’s constant offers of friendship.

After losing Shinji in the battlefield and being inspired by his final words, Knight put an end to the Rider War by defeating Odin in a final battle. As promised, Shiro restored time to its original course and saved Ren’s fiancée. At the end, the moment when Ren and Shinji cross their paths as strangers will forever be etched in hearts of all the fans.


Product Specification:

- Size approximately H61cm*W53cm*D33cm at 1:5 Scale

- Interchangeable Parts:-
a) Two (2) right arms with different weapons (Dark Visor & Wing Lancer)
b) Two (2) left hands (Holding Dark Visor and without holding equipment)
c) One (1) Wing Wall

- Material: Polystone

- Estimated release on Q3 of 2020

- Edition size capped at 250 pieces


Design Team:

- Noriyuki Yamaguchi from Zero Studio (Concept Design)
- Rintaro Shimoyama from Zero Studio (Concept Design)
- Johnny Poi (Concept Sketch)
- Noriyuki Yamaguchi from Zero Studio (Sculpt)
- Unknown Projects Design & Development Team



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- The images above are a prototype and should be only used as a reference.

- Please note, the product details are subjected to change without further notice.