Kamen Rider Ryuki

"Whether that is right or not, as a Rider, I have a wish that I will to fulfil it." The last words of Kamen Rider Ryuki/Kido Shinji, will always resonate in our minds.

Sure to be the cornerstone of your collection; Unknown Projects proudly presents you, our first ever production in an exclusive opening line of models! Kamen Rider Ryuki & his Mirror Monster – Dragreder.

The model features two 1:5 live Scale models of Kamen Rider Ryuki and Dragreder. Blending art and capturing the purest of moments from the series, this model features the standard form of Kamen Rider Ryuki after he first formed his contract with Dragreder.

Rider Ryuki uses the Drag Visor gauntlet on his left forearm to use Advent Cards. The featured Ryuki design is a true remake of the iconic rider from the Kamen Rider Ryuki. Further, the duo of Ryuki & Mirror Monster Dragreder makes this an all-important piece in the complete set.

SKU: KMR-001
Delivery date: Quarter 1 of 2020
Price: $675.00
Pre-order: $200.00

About the Character

Shinji Kido is a kind hearted, friendly, but naive idealist who saw the Rider War as meaningless chaos. As a journalist, during his investigation of a “missing person” incident, he learnt about the mysteries of another world – Mirror World and formed a contract with Mirror Monster – Dragreder, to become Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Throughout the series, we witness Shinji Kido’s transformation from a simplistic persona develop into a responsible Hero who is willing to face great dangers just to prevent Riders from killings each other. Shinji is seen as one of the few noble participants of the Rider War, a warrior who feels genuine sadness even when his enemies lose their lives. The greatest feat of Shinji Kido can be seen as his revelation of the main reason for why he had been fighting all along; that is to protect others as Kamen Rider Ryuki.

A Kamen Rider with such strong sense of morals and strong will truly deserves a special space in all our hearts.


Product Specification:

- Size approximately H60cm*W32cm*D33.5cm at 1:5 Scale

- Light-up feature on Ryuki’s eye and Dragreder’s eye

- Interchangeable Parts:-
a) Two right arms with different weapons (Drag Saber & Drag Claw)
b) One Drag Shield on left hand
c) Two Drag Shields on shoulder

- Material: Polystone

- Estimated release on Q1 of 2020

- Edition size cap at 500 pieces


Design Team:

- Noriyuki Yamaguchi from Zero Studio (Concept Design)
- Rintaro Shimoyama from Zero Studio (Concept Design)
- Johnny Poi (Concept Sketch)
- Riyahd Cassiem (Sculpt)
- Victor Hugo Sousa (Sculpt)
- Hugh Lee (Paint)
- Unknown Projects Design & Development Team



- Retail Price is excluded shipping fees. The shipping fees to be determine when the product is ready to ship.

- The images above are a prototype and should be only used as a reference.

- Please note, the product details are subjected to change without further notice.